Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stitchin' in the Car

Over the past three months, we have done a lot of driving around the country to see friends and relatives. Before every trip, I try to get at least a couple of sewing projects assembled so I can stitch as DH drives

Bird Pillow

I'm very happy with the way this pillow, a Maggie Bonanomi design, turned out. I love the primitive look which the browns and muted colors lends to this pillow.

Strawberry Mat

What would summer be without strawberries? Last year I discovered the Primitive Gatherings gals and their designs and couldn't wait to get their latest book, Summer Gatherings. I like the use of tiny stitches with gold floss to simulate the berry seeds. And this goes great with my little primitive spatterware bowl.

Room for Us?

Our last car trip was to pick up our son from college in Michigan, take him to orchestra camp in beautiful northern Indiana, and return home with his stuff. This is what was left after he removed his duffle bag and quad trumpet case.

Works in Progress

I hope to spend the next few weeks in my studio completing many of the projects I've begun on our trips!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Flood Relief in Iowa

Last weekend DH and I took part in our church's mission trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Two years ago Cedar Rapids was flooded, with 14% of the city and over 5,000 homes under water. There is still a lot of rebuilding to be done.

Larry and Tim Remove Tarp

Our first day's project was to re-roof a small garage.

Husband Jim and Trip Leader Cheryl Tackle the Roof

The house has been rehabbed and is occupied. Most of the houses on this street have been repaired and are occupied, so we thought the owner and his neighbors would be glad to see the garage fixed and the blue tarp gone.

Rehabbed House-Garage on Left in Back

On the second day we split up and part of the team finished roofing the garage, others patched and painted a house and DH and I cut subflooring in another house.

Notice from City

Water Level in House

Completed House on Block

It appears that most of the houses were built shortly after WWII. There is a great park and swimming pool a few blocks away. I can imagine the fun that kids had growing up in this neighborhood back in the 50's and 60's. Now, many to young couples just starting out are moving back in and hopefully, in a few years this neighborhood will once again see kids playing in the yard, going Trick or Treating or making snowmen.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Springtime? In the Rockies

We recently took a trip to Colorado to visit our oldest son. We always try to hike in the mountains while we're there and this trip we took a trail that led up to the remains of several old homesteads.

Rusted Jalopy

As we approached the meadow that held the remains of the cabins, we were amazed to see a car just off the path.

Still Standing

When we reached the meadow the wind was blowing and snowflakes were swirling. I imagine the homeowner was very happy to have the hot bread and a warm meals that this stove provided.

Old Radio

Across the meadow collapsed walls marked the position of another cabin. I believe some of these cabins were inhabited up until the 1940's. A radio probably was good company on long mountain nights.

Cabin Walls

On a beautiful summer day, it probably would be easy to envy these early settlers. The view was beautiful. But on such a cold, blustery day in late spring, I marveled at their fortitude and hardiness.