Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meet Kiska

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I learned a couple of life lessons. Don't get the flu shot when you're battling a virus and don't think you can go to kitten adoption event and "just look".
We lost our Cookie early this month after a long period of declining health. We didn't want our other cat to get too used to being the queen of the house, but I didn't expect to adopt another kitty so soon. However, after reading about this little cat online my partner in crime son and I went to the adoption event on Saturday and fell in love with the personality of this little girl. She was so sweet and loving; I didn't realize what a little firecracker she is as well.
She's hard to photograph because she's pretty much constantly in motion. We were trying to find a Russian name for her because she is apparently part Russian Blue and came up with Kiska, which DH thinks means "little cat".
I've never had a bad reaction to the flu shot before, but after getting it while undergoing treatment for conjunctivitis I ended up spending Thanksgiving in bed with flu symptoms, which I hated! Son took over cooking duties and dinner went on as planned--what a blessing that was!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back and Forth

That pretty sums up my week! First to the antique shows, then a little vacation trip and finally to help out at Leslie's show in Baldwin City, KS. Whew!
I finished the wool runner and will be listing that on this month's Simply Primitives. I had hoped to upload the photos while out of town but found I didn't have the proper cable but Sharon has graciously offered to let me be a little late this month so I'll be uploading a little later today.
Leslie's work--sampler and sweet angel make-do
Leslie once again did a fantastic job setting up for her show this year. She has a way of taking everyone's crafts and antiques and making them look like they were all carefully chosen and assembled just for the show.
The weather was nice and there was a steady stream of shoppers all evening, thoroughly checking out every cranny for that perfect gift or accent piece.

The fabric covered books by Diane Dodd caught my eye!

I was really intrigued by the charming fabric covered books at the antique shows last weekend, so I was so thrilled to find these authentic looking ones at Leslie's show! They are so carefully constructed and antiqued to perfection!
 It will all come down tomorrow and we'll try to get caught up at work before taking a few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. Have you begun your Thanksgiving preparations yet?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Primitive Awesomeness

H.J. Hall
Leslie and I hit the road before dawn yesterday to trek to Illinois and shop up a storm at the four wonderful antique shows held twice a year in Amish country. 

Our first stop was Homesteaders on the Prairie in Arthur.
Buggy Seat Antiques
Barb Goedeke
  Then it was on to Arcola and the Country Spirit Antique show.

Primitive Pursuits

After a great dinner at Don Sol Mexican grill in Mattoon and a good night's sleep, we headed back to Arthur for A Gathering on the Prairie.
Lisha Holt, Sharon Clymer, Shirley Wagner
Diane Gish
Then on to Tuscola to visit the expanded Rural Life show and the charming Winterberry store. 
What a fun weekend! More photos to follow, but wanted to give you a peek at the fabulous vendors who make the long trip so worthwhile!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Work

My thoughts are with everyone who experienced the devastation and disruption of Super Storm Sandy. Our church took up a donation for UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) to help with disaster response yesterday. It's such a small thing but I hope those affected know how much support there is for them throughout the country.
October was just a mess for me. I got behind early in the month and could never catch up.  My craft room was a mess; I couldn't find all the right threads for a project I'm working on; I never had the right food in the house to make dinner, whine, whine, whine. So I finally used this past weekend to get caught up and reorganized. I cleaned up my craft room and assembled a sewing project, found the threads I needed for my projects and kitted them up so they're all ready to go and made a big pot of kale and bean soup so I have dinner ready to go for at least the next few nights. I'm so proud of myself to finally be starting a week without feeling behind. LOL!
I also put my Halloween decorations away and pulled out my turkeys. I have a "thing" for turkeys. It started innocently enough with the purchase of an old chalkware turkey and has grown from there. I still love the old turkeys...
But I also love the ceramic ones from Japan which probably date back to the 50's.  Some of them have very faniciful colors.

Some are more realistic.
And then there also a few from my artisan friends like this ceramic one from Chris Farr.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Happy November!