Thursday, March 13, 2014

Need Suggestions

Next week we will be heading to Pennsylvania and I'm so excited! We will spend some time in Philadelphia seeing historic sites but the majority of time we will be attending the National Trumpet Competition in Harrisburg, PA. Dear Trace has clued me in to a great antique mall in nearby Lemoyne, but I appreciate any suggestions you might have of places to visit between Philadelphia and Harrisburg!


Felicia said...

Lititz in Lancaster County. Lots of prim places to visit in Lancaster County.

Just google it. Longwood Gardens down closer to Philly.

Gettsburg Military Park just a bit south of Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

Go to the west shore farmers market in Lemoyne. Inside is Liberty Primitives. A great shop to visit. Enjoy

jennifer768 said...

No helpful hints here but I wanted to wish you a fun and safe trip! Blessings,Jen

Raymond Homestead said...

I would love to see Pennsylvania some day!