Sunday, June 24, 2012

Primitives of the Midwest

Well, yes I am still around and kicking. Sometimes the week just gets away! Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet up with dear friends to see the play Billy Elliot and do a little shopping in beautiful Des Moines, Iowa.
Downtown Des Moines
Last week found me stitching away at Primitives of the Midwest, sponsored by Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit, MO.
Homework for Stacy's Class
Stacy Nash was back again this year and showed us how to make a lovely sewing box with pincushion.
She brought projects along that will be photographed for her first book which will be out this fall!
Shawn Williams from Threads that Bind showed us her wool applique technique as we made this very cute little mat. I was very excited to see the kit already had the pennies that edge the piece already cut out! 
She had the most adorable glasses case and the instructions for making this can be found on her blog.
Maggie Bononomi demonstrated her tendril technique in this this "Warm & Spicy" mat. You know you've arrived when Maggie mentions you in class; she noted that very talented fellow blogger Patty G. from Winding Vine Wanderings will change up Maggie's designs by doing them in her own colors.
Lynda's Advent Quilt
Lynda Hall was back again with some great designs but I couldn't figure out how to be in two classes as once, darn. For photos and descriptions of all the projects, click here. Many if not most of these will be offered in pattern form by the designer in the near future. It was a fun and inspiring few days and if you have the opportunity I hope you can attend next year!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden Tour

I love visiting beautiful gardens! Everyone is unique and it's just interesting to see the different twist everyone puts on plantings and garden art.
This charming bungalow was the first stop on the tour.
The small backyard was too shady to grow grass so they created three seating areas:
Interesting displays of antiques and found objects
 Something beautiful in every corner of the yard

Boxwood added structure in many of the gardens on the tour.
 The next stop was a historic mansion just south of downtown KC.

Multicolored coleus marched along the driveway to the carriage house.

My favorite urn.
The tour continued a few blocks away at a Dutch colonial  that was built in 1924

Several birdbaths were sprinkled around the yard, include two square ones.

 They said they didn't do anything special to get this beautiful blue color on the hydrangea.
 Final stop was in the suburbs at a much newer home.

 Brick path had a variety of mill stones for added interest.
 Birdbath tucked along the path.

 Caladium again! I love it with the purple and emerald green leaves.

 Happy gardening!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend Work

Getting close to finishing the first project in the Prim Sisters club!
Design by Pineberry Lane
Which is good because I've already received the second project and I think the third is on its way--eek!
Finished planting almost everything I'm going to plant in the garden. I'm taking the lazy route--gourds, cucs, and squash for the most part so I won't have a lot of daily picking to do at the height of summer. Love to see how quickly these little plants are growing.
The gangly butterfly bush on the edge of our property is thriving. One of our local nurseries had all their plants reduced 40% so I filled in the foreground with white nicotiana and a couple of shrimp plants, a new plant for me, but hopefully one that the butterflies will find appealing.