Sunday, October 30, 2011


Handcrafters has finally come and gone. I was so nervous about doing this show. It was the first big show that I've done on my own in years and I didn't get nearly enough done (although I think I'll always feel that way). And as I was packing my inventory it was obvious that I was heavily slanted towards fall decor. Maybe I need to invest in a few more Christmas and winter patterns!
The Handcrafters show is known for having actual, handcrafted items and attracts vendors from as far away as Nevada. There are a couple of vendors who have been "grandfathered" in who have imported market things in their booth but the majority is actually handmade. Still, several people asked me if I actually sewed everything in my booth. 
Design by Shirley Blystone
The show was really good, but the best part was meeting new friends and reconnecting with former customers and rug hooking friends. One of my hooking friends, Mimi, had a booth filled with her wonderful painted items and you can see some of her original work here. Mimi is a creative dynamo, always finding new ways to apply her considerable creative talents. I have a little bag she designed and made that I use to carry all my sewing needfuls when I travel. 

Isn't it wonderful! The show is not far from my home and DH dropped by yesterday to bring my jacket because it was really chilly in the building. I took a quick bathroom break and when I came back DH proudly told me he'd sold something. He didn't write a sales receipt, charge tax, offer a bag or really know how to describe what he'd sold, but he's apparently a great salesman! I wish he had spent more time hanging out at the show!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T-Day is Coming!

I love Thanksgiving. I love that it's a holiday that's all about celebrating the bounty of fall and the blessings in our lives, especially family and friends. I think Maggie Bononomi's cornucopia design celebrates the beauty of nature and the tradition of a perfect Thanksgiving celebration.
Here's the finished version. I decided to just add a backing and no trim which seemed fitting with the simplicity of the design.

I also finished this fun little pillow based on a Brenda Gervais pattern. This is another one of those projects that I began some time ago and wasn't happy with it's look, but after transferring the letters and turkey to the army blanket background and adding the dyed chenille trim, I was happy.
I tried growing sweet potatoes for the first time this year. This was an extremely challenging year for the garden, due to the heat and extended drought, but I was able to dig and harvest a few meals' worth of sweet potatoes last weekend and will save some of the big ones for our Thanksgiving table.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Platte City Antique Show

And a beautiful day it was! We have been blessed with wonderful fall weather. The Platte City Antique show is held in the high school and there is usually quite a line of people waiting to get first dibs on the goodies, so a warm fall day was appreciated! As you enter the school the main hallway is lined with vendors with more set up in the cafeteria and gymnasium. My eagle eyed friends quickly pointed out an army blanket which I snapped up. Seems to be getting harder to find those around here!
There are a variety of antiques and collectibles for sale. I guess this little dress caught my eye because I never had a little girl to costume for Halloween. I always sewed my boys' costumes and made clowns, dinosaurs, pirates and Power Rangers, but no dresses. That's probably why I turned to doll making!
Brenda Kilgore of Farmhouse Collection had a beautiful booth full of naturals, handcrafts and vintage goods. I couldn't pass up one of her dried sunflowers and a couple of her wax pumpkins and they were the perfect addition to my yelloware bowl. 
How many pumpkins do you have to have before your considered a "hoarder"? This little bench also came home with me and will hold a birdhouse or two in my new herb garden come spring.
Hope your weekend was filled with lovely times as well! Now, back to the craft room for me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Work Plus Maggie B. and Bethany Lowe Designs

Maggie B. Design
October is going to be a crazy month around Cottonwood Lane. We are getting ready to undertake a big remodeling project (let's get crazy before the holidays!) and I'm spending every spare minute trying to get stuff done for my one big show this year, so I'm afraid my blogging time will be limited. I'll still drop by for visits every chance I get because I really enjoy reading your stories and seeing your projects.
Maggie B. Design
I finished assembling this penny rug design while listening to the Chiefs-Colts game on the radio. Crafting seems to go better when the team is winning or at least look like they have a chance to win.
I bought some dried oak leaves at Michaels last week. I like their look but was very surprised and put off by their strong chemical smell when I opened the bag! I left the branches out on my deck a couple of days to air out, then added some leaves to the jar of naturals in my entryway.
Bethany Lowe Cat with Cart
The leaves also make their appearance in the dining room.

Bethany Lowe JOL
The silverplate came from my husband's grandparents. Do you remember the days when banks used to give you bonuses for opening checking or savings accounts? DH opened an account when he was in college and one of the bonuses was a silver plated set that he purchased at a deep discount. The set included a tray, bowl and stand and DH bought these for his grandparents. They were really touched and told him they'd give him the set back when he married and that's just what they did a few years later when we were married.We've never really used it for entertaining but it's nice that it's back in style for decorating.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inspirational Day

Another beautiful fall day here! 
Ann's Gorgeous Urn
We had our first ever potato drop at the church this morning. The Society of St. Andrews, an organization which mobilizes volunteers to glean leftover produce from fields, facilitates these drops at various locations across the country. Have you ever taken part in one?
A truck load of potatoes, about 42,000 pounds worth, was delivered to our parking lot first thing this morning. Sometimes these potatoes come loose and are dumped in a pile, but these were already bagged.  Several food pantries that serve individuals and families in need came to the church to pick up their share.
Other pantries couldn't make a pick up so volunteers loaded their vehicles and delivered to our partners around the city.
Some of the bags had a rotten potato or two and these were removed, the adjacent potatoes scrubbed and then rebagged.
There were probably 100 or so volunteers involved so it didn't take long at all! Afterwards I went to a fundraiser for Christmas in October, an organization that repairs and winterizes homes of the elderly and others who otherwise couldn't afford to do so. 
Love the Weathered Wood Look!

I was glad I had my camera and could capture Ann's beautiful landscaping! What a great morning!