Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Springtime? In the Rockies

We recently took a trip to Colorado to visit our oldest son. We always try to hike in the mountains while we're there and this trip we took a trail that led up to the remains of several old homesteads.

Rusted Jalopy

As we approached the meadow that held the remains of the cabins, we were amazed to see a car just off the path.

Still Standing

When we reached the meadow the wind was blowing and snowflakes were swirling. I imagine the homeowner was very happy to have the hot bread and a warm meals that this stove provided.

Old Radio

Across the meadow collapsed walls marked the position of another cabin. I believe some of these cabins were inhabited up until the 1940's. A radio probably was good company on long mountain nights.

Cabin Walls

On a beautiful summer day, it probably would be easy to envy these early settlers. The view was beautiful. But on such a cold, blustery day in late spring, I marveled at their fortitude and hardiness.

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