Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wooly Valentines

Another cold week here in Kansas, but great weather for cozying up in a comfy chair and stitching. I have a lot of wonderful patterns that have gone unused over the past few years and this design by Waltzing with Bears was one of them.

Folk Art Pillow
The design really pops on the black background. I was thrilled to find this black plaid flannel for the backing. My next challenge is to do the same design in shades of  and browns.

I was on a roll this week and also finished this little pincushion as a thank you gift for my antique dealer friend, Donna. I'm not totally pleased with the placement of the buttons yet, so I'm going to fiddle around with those a little more. I made a couple of these heart pincushions this year and I learned that, when sewing this project together, it's easier to sew around the entire heart outline, then cut a slit in the back to turn. I found it makes the edges smoother. I stitched the slit closed and covered it with a wool patch attached with x's.

Thank You Donna!
I recently ran into Donna at the Pioneer Spirit Country Antique Show and asked for recommendations about must see shows at the upcoming Round Top Antique Fair. The next week, I received the guide pictured below in the mail from her, with recommended shows highlighted. I tell you, crafters and antiquers are some of the nicest people.
Grand Valley State U. Trumpet Ensemble


Teri said...

Thanks for stopping by my little spot in blogland.
I love your wool work! Just beautiful!
And your red work sewing book is very, very, nice. That is next on my to stitch list. I want to try to design my own tho...
Thanks again and happy blogging.

Mindy/Raymond Homestead said...

I love love love your projects! As soon as I clicked on your blog I immediately thought, I'm going to love this blog! I'm going to remember your idea about putting a slit in the back when making a heart. That would be easier!Thanks for coming by and signing up as a follower! I am a new follower of yours! Have a great day!