Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Furry Best Friend

The hardest thing about having pets is facing their mortality. Our little old lady, Cookie, (named by our younger son after Cookie's Week, a book he read in first grade) quit eating this week so I left work early yesterday to take her to the vet. At 15 years old and down to only seven pounds she is still full of spirit but can't afford to lose any more weight.
After a steroid shot and aromatherapy (no kidding--kitty pheromones in the cat cage to calm her) she is back home and eating a little. The cause of the problem hasn't been determined--it could be cancer or kidney failure or just stress from all the chaos that goes with remodeling--but after talking it over with the vet we decided not to pursue any extreme measures to determine the exact cause of her issues. After owning several cats I can't say that running extensive tests and diagnostics have ever added to their length or quality of life. Please keep a good thought for our little Cookie.


annie said...

It's just plain hard, letting go. I hope the weekend goes well, hugging you inn friendship.

Raymond Homestead said...

Yes, that's the worse thing about having pets is when they get old and start having problems. It's so hard cause you just love them so much!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

My thoughts are with you. Nothing is harder than seeing our little furry loves not feeling well. I'll keep both of you in my prayers.

wickedfaerie said...

I agree, when our little furry family members hit old age I don't see the point of putting them through any medical procedures that will just upset them. I hate it when they get older. We lost our beloved Duffy at Christmas time and he was 14.
My good vibes are being sent to sweet cookie.

blessings & bliss

Trace4J said...

Spend the weekend cuddling and singing to your furry one. So cute. Sayin little prayer too.
Hugs to you Friend

TheCrankyCrow said...

Cookie is a cutie pie....Love her little nose. Of course I'll be saying a prayer and more for her - 15 isn't that terribly old. But, yes, I agree with your decision on the diagnostics....our Shih Tzu is old man these days as well - going (gone?) blind and deaf and developing lumps and bumps - but I just can't put him through it any more - he's had more lumps removed, a reconstructed leg, and the pain and suffering just isn't worth it....but it doesn't make it any easier either.... Hugs & Blessings - to you and Cookie ~ Robin

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Cookie is that groucho mustache..I hope she gets to feeling better soon..I hate seeing our babies getting older..

Anonymous said...

Cookie is beautiful. Sorry she is feeling poorly. I had a beautiful calico that lived 17 years.

Prayers that her days will be easy and that the joy she has brought will linger forever.

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Prayers for Cookie. And you!

Carmen and the Primcats

Barbie Jo said...

Awwwww. I am hoping for the best for Cookie and will be thinking of her and you!

Barefoot Primitives said...

Prayers for Cookie - she's a doll. Our Simba is almost 17, which is about 85 human yrs.. he's having a lot rougher time lately - - fur balls can really snag our hearts! :o)

rockriverstitches said...

Sending Hugs and Prayers for you and Cookie. I've been in your shoes so many times with all the kitties I've had. Never ever easy.


Pam at Antique or Not said...

Poor Cookie...don't you know she wishes she could tell you exactly how she's feeling? We have seven furbabies and will be devastated when we might be forced to make a decision. Our oldest is 10 now and not in the best of health, but she's hanging in there. We just give her extra attention and keep a close eye on her. I'm sure that's probably the best you can do for Cookie right now too.


dana said...

Roberta, I feel your pain. It's just so hard to have to deal with this part of loving our furry babies. My friend see her with me every time we run into facing this very issue this morning and is having to put her sweet kitty to sleep. However, he is 20 years old!!! He, too, has lost a lot of weight....but just kept on keeping on for a long time...also is blind and deaf :( Over the last few days, he tries to eat, but it won't stay with him. He is truly an amazing kitty...just as your Cookie is. I will definitely think good thoughts for her.

Thanks for asking about my girl. She had a better week, but is still in a bit of pain...with no answer. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers.

Did you go the the West Bottoms this weekend? We didn't....hope the rainy weather didn't affect their turnout.

It was great to see you at Sandee's sale....I need to get my photos posted.....that happened when I was so busy with my girl.