Sunday, August 25, 2013

Garden Lessons

I've learned that the plants with pretty foliage are best for my deck planters. Usually by July the heat and bugs take a toll on flowers. The petunias were a very pleasant surprise this year because they kept producing all summer despite the heat.
I am very hesitant to use chemicals in the garden but I heard about an organic pesticide last year and gave it a try this summer. Not only did it take care of the little caterpillars that eat the petunia and geranium flowers, it also saved my vining vegetable plants. The past two years I haven't been able to grow any vining vegetables because the vine stems get invaded by some kind of burrowing bug around July which kills the entire vine. This year when I noticed signs of this I began spraying and did still lose one of my zucchini plants, but the rest thrived and produced a good crop.
I did try to spray only the vine stems and leaves and keep away from the flowers so as not to hurt the bees.
I planted a couple of heirloom tomato plants this spring. So far no ripe tomatoes but I've heard this wasn't a good summer for tomatoes so I guess I can't blame the plants.
I visited Lowe's for more mums and replanted two more pots. When I replant I move the geraniums to new pots and for some reason they always seem to like being repotted and quickly resume blooming.

Foxy always finds her way into the office when I'm on the computer, but at this time of year she prefers supervising while lounging on the cool desktop instead of sitting in my lap. Hope you have had a restful weekend and enjoy the last official week of summer!


denise said...

beautiful plants!

Melissa said...

My petunias did very well this year too.. They are still exploding with blooms.. I love your kitty cat, that is too cute :-)

Raymond Homestead said...

Awww Foxy looks like my Jasper!

Raggedy Creations said...

Foxy is so pretty.

Yep I'm ready for fall. Your planters look great, love the mums.


Trace4J said...

Love your deck plants.
I used that spray to.
Worked great for the Giant green catipillars that were eating my tomato plants.
Woolie Blesssings

Karen said...

Hi Roberta,
I think I am with you on growing plants with foliage. But I sure would like to know how to keep the bunnies and chipmunks from eating my garden flowers. Never had a single flower on my Hostas and I have several. They at them off just as they stemmed. Same with my Salvia - at that too.
How great that your plants like to be re-planted.
I have a potted ivy and something else in our screen room and it's getting eaten by some miniscule thingy...and it's inside!!

Oh that precious. Great photo.


Amy McPheeters said...

I love the foliage plants! Those little tiny petunias did well here this year, but the foliage plants are always my favorites for pots in the long run. I gave up on veggies a long time ago. Too much shade on the backyard. I wish I had a kitty.

Barbie Jo said...

Looking at all your pretty flowers reminds me that I should get some for my front porch planter!
Give Foxy a pat for me and enjoy the long weekend!

Allison said...

Love your flowers! Very pretty.