Sunday, December 19, 2010

Almost Christmas!

Trying to get some things finished up before Christmas. Too late for this year's sales, but it's good to get a jump on the coming year.

Christmas Penny Rug

This large runner, about 40" by 18", is from a Maggie Bonanomi design. It features softer, faded looking poinsettias appliqued onto a variety of wool backgrounds. The backing is made from an old army blanket and attached by blanket stitch around the entire perimeter.

Detail of Flowers

I love the various shades of browns in the background. I think these add to the old fashioned charm of the design and blend well with the soft rose of the flowers. I also used a variety of textures, both for the background blocks and the flower bracts. I think that's the correct term for the poinsettia flowers, which are actually leaves and not blossoms.

Detail of Design and Background

Across the meadow collapsed walls marked the position of another cabin. I believe some of these cabins were inhabited up until the 1940's. A radio probably was good company on long mountain nights.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Our younger son arrived home from college yesterday. He goes to school about 12 hours away by car, so we don't get to see him much during the school year. For the next few weeks though we'll get to hear him practice throughout the day and into the night as he gets ready for next semester. It's hard to imagine when kids begin playing an instrument that it won't always be painful hearing them play, and then when they get to the point when they're really good, they leave!

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