Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Giveaway at Cottonwood Lane Primitives--Ended September 22, 2011

Giveaway Ends September 24th
I really enjoyed my last giveaway and the opportunity it provided to meet many new blogging friends, so I'm doing another one in honor of fall. I don't know if you love acorns as much as I do, but I loved this design with the acorns dancing along the edge by Jan Goos and thought it would be a perfect little mat to enjoy throughout the fall season. The photo above was taken under my Ott light and is the best representation of the background color.
Braided Wool Edging
 Here's the details: 

  1. The giveaway is for the the 17" mat only.
  2. Please post a comment on this page and let me know you are a follower.
  3. You get a second entry if you leave a favorite quote about fall or Halloween.
  4. A third entry if you post about this giveaway on your blog.
  5. If you post anonymously, I won't be able to contact you if you win unless you leave an email address. You don't have to have a blog to win, but I do need to know how to get back in touch with you.
Good luck!


Theresa N. said...

Beautiful mat, the acorns are perfect for fall. I'm a gfc follower:theresan.
Theresa N

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hi Roberta: Your autumn candle mat is gorgeous. I love it! I'm a follower and would love to be entered for a chance to win.

Here's my Fall quote:
Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.
~Author~Carol Bishop Hipps

I'll post on my blog too.

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

What an absolutely gorgeous mat! I love love love the braided perfect ;o)

Here's my quote for autumn, my favorite season of the year ~

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

I wish it could be fall ALL YEAR LONG!

Me and My Stitches said...

I love this little mat and the braided edge is awesome - it really adds to it. Thanks for the chance to win...I am a follower.

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Oh Roberta~your acorn mat is gorgeous! A wonderful tribute to fall.

I am a follower and would love the chance to win this mat.

My favorite Autumn quote:
Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. ~Stanley Horowitz

I have added your giveaway to my blog sidebar.

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

Your mat is absolutely stunning and I would love to be entered in your generous giveaway. I am a new follower and will be posting this on my sidebar.

Thanks so much,

Cindy B said...

Lovely work! I am a follower and will be posting this on my blog as well. thank you .

~Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree~
Emily Bronte

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Good morning Roberta - Your Autumn Candle mat is lovely! The colors certain do reflect Fall. I'd love to win another one of your beautiful pieces, so please throw my name in the hat for a chance to win.
I think my favorite quote about Fall is as follows:
~Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus~
I will be sure to make a post about your giveaway- thank you so much!

wickedfaerie said...

I am a follower of your lovely blog.

I am posting about your giveaway on my sidebar and in a post.

My favourite Halloween quote is-

Shadows of a thousand years rise unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees "Tonight is Halloween."
by Dexter Kozen

Stop by I am having a little Halloween Giveaway,

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh my what a beautiful mat!
I'm a follower and would love to be entered in your wonderful giveaway!
I'll post on my sidebar!
Autumn quote~
"Just before the death of flowers, and before they are buried in snow,there comes a festival season when nature is all aglow"
Prim Blessings

aleinung said...

what a beautiful mat - it really looks classy.
whether they would like to come to Germany? I hope so - giggle.

love greeting


Kathy H said...

What a beautiful mat, I love the braided edging. I haven't seen any mats with that before. I am a new follower.

Kathy H said...

Here is my fall quote. I learned this poem in kindergarten and have just recently come across it again and want to make it into a little wall hanging.
October gave a party, the leaves by hundreds came.
The chestnuts, oaks and maples and leaves by every name.
Just love this poem.

Elisha said...

love the mat! please enter me too! I am a follower.
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."
Galatians 6:8-10

ReDquEenS said...

I'd LOVE to be added to your give away! I've got alot of favorite quotes/sayings but I just love "A haunting we will go!" everytime I see it I think about little kids in the old fashion costumes- like a plain witch outfit or a white sheet used as a ghost!

~Sara said...

What a beautiful candle mat. Such nice work and colors perfect for fall. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I will try to post this on my blog(I am new at this and haven't quite figured everything out yet)I would love for you to check out my blog as well.
"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house.
So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Have a blessed day ~Sara

Me 2 U Primitives said...

Hi - I am already a follower - please enter me in your giveaway. You did an excellent job - the mat is beautiful.

Karen said...

Please enter me in the giveaway. I'm already a follower.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

susiedele said...

I love the your mat. Please throw my name in the hat. Hey, that rhymes.

Fav. Halloween saying...
Trick or treat.
Smell my feet.
Give me somethin' good to eat!


BumbleBeeLane said...

I love the acorn mat.Don't know why but lately acorns have really been a fav.Hmmm does Trick or treat smell my feet count as a Halloween qoute? oh ok..."Listen! the wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!"
- Humbert Wolfe
Harvest Blessings!~Amy

Farmhouse prims said...

Your penny rug is gorgeous, I love it! I am a follower and will post it on my sidebar. The only Halloween quote that I know is, treat or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. Hugs, Lecia

Robin said...

What a beautiful mat !! Please enter me !!! I am a follower..:)

annie said...

I follow, this is just beautiful. What a difference the light makes in the color. My Quote:

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares drop off like autumn leaves."
John Muir

Stray Stitches said...

I am a follower. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway for this beautiful mat.

Stray Stitches said...

My favorite quote: A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween. ~Erma Bombeck

Judy said...

What a BEAUTIFUL mat and so kind of you to offer this as a giveaway! I am now a follower! Your blog is awesome!!!
Many Blessings~Judy

Robyn of Robyns Nest said...

A beautiful design, I love the braided wool edging. I'm a follower

Beckyjean said...

Hi Roberta~

Love your acorn mat. The braiding on the border is just fabulous!! I am a follower & would love to be entered to win. I will post on my blog.

My quote:

"October gave a party; The leaves by hundreds came-The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples and leaves of every name. The Sunshine spread a carpet, And everything was grand, Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the band."

~George Cooper

Have a wonderful week~Becky

Susan said...

Hello, Roberta, nice to meet you. I am now a follower of your blog.Please enter me in your giveaway, I have dozens of oak trees on my property and the acorns are dropping now and hitting the tin roof with "Ker-Plunks"! My fave comment
about the Halloween holiday is by the Three Witches in Shakespeare's "Macbeth":
"Bubble,Bubble,Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble".
I have posted your gorgeous Acorn Candle Mat on my blog sidebar under Giveaways with a photo and link back to your blog. Thank you for the giveaway.
Warm Regards,
Susan B., Western MA

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Roberta - this is the essence of autumn!! It is gorgeous!! And that braided edge, the perfect finish!! I would be delighted and honored to be entered in your wonderful, wonderful, giveaway....I'm a happy follower, and have posted on my blog sidebar.....

My favorite fall quote:
~george eliot~

Thanks so kindly!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Prims By The Water said...

Autumn is a second Spring where every leaf is a flower~-~ Please enter me into your lovely acorn mat. Take care, Janice

Carol Stuck said...

I am already a follower of your beautiful blog. I LOVE the acorn mat. You do amazing work!! Please enter me for a chance to win. I don't have a cute fall quote, but I did enjoy reading everyone elses:)

hugs, Carol

Angela said...

Roberta, Such a beautiful candlemat. Perfect for the fall
season that I so dearly love. I am a follower so please enter my name into your giveaway.

JenR65 said...

Hi, what a great giveaway, the mat is so beautiful and so much detail has gone into it. The edging is what really makes it special. Good luck to all that enter!

deb-bee said...

I love your acorn candle mat with the braided edge. ;-)

"Old witch Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow? With moss and slime, and a poisonousvine and toad stool all in a row."

This is x-stitch, but I don't know who is the author, sorry. Please add me to your give away.

with bee-hugs, Debby

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh this rug is to die for..I love it..and love that braided trim on it..I am a new follower and would love to be entered in this wonderful favorite saying growing up when trick or treating was to yell at the top of my lungs..Trick or Treat smell my feet..give me something good to eat..I haven't heard that saying in years from the little nose goblins that come every year..I will also post this on my side bar..;) I look forward to getting to know you and I love your blog.;)

Carmen at Primcats said...

STUNNING! Please enter me! My favote fall saying is Autumn Blessings. ANd I posted on my giveaway page!


Carmen and the Primcats

Traci said...

Hello, your newest follower here. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. The prize is absolutely gorgeous.


Trace4J said...

Hello Roberta Friend
I am a follower and I love your work. Please enter me..BEAUTIFUL!
My favorite Fall Sewing quote.
Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing.
~Author Unknown
Hugs Trace

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Oh roberta, I am a new follower!!! Love your blog and that mat is to die for!!! wonderful!!!!
One of may favorite fall quotes... Harvest Moon.... OLM

Dee said...

Good Morning Roberta, I love your work.
*I am a new follower.
*Please enter me in your giveaway
*Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
* I will post to my blog
Enjoy the season:)

Stray Stitches said...

I included your giveaway in my blog today:

yorkie mom said...

I'm a follower!

yorkie mom said...

From the new HBO series Game of Thrones "Winter is Coming"

Hilachas said...

I am now a follower of your blog and thank you for the opportunity to win your giveaway.

sunny said...

I just discovered your lovely blog, and I'm very happy to be a new follower.

Hilachas said...

I have blogged about your giveaway at:

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Roberta-
Love the candle mat. It's Gorgeous!
*I'm a new Follower.
*Would Love to be entered in your giveaway!
*My favorite Fall saying is Harvest Moon...Frost soon!
*I added your Giveaway to my sidebar.
Thanks for the chance!

gill said...

A beautiful mat - I love the acorns!
I'm a follower and as I'm from the UK this is perfect for me!
It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I'm a follower and would love to win your mat. It's adorable.

Deborah in Atlanta said...

My quote: No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one Autumnal face. (John Donne)

Sherry said...

Your mat is beautiful and I would love to win it. I am a new follower of your blog. I am happy to find you. My quote is "Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. Elizabeth Lawrence

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

That is the most gorgeous mat I have ever seen. I would love a chance in your drawing. :)

My favorite Autumn/Halloween quote is from the Linus:

"Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He's gotta pick this one. He's got to. I don't see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see."

Oh and I am a follower!

Blessings, Jessica

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I'm a new follower.

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Beautiful mat. Love the fall colors. i'm a follower of your lovely blog.

Teresa Felgueiras said...

In Autumn the flowers spread their amazing colored leaves through the fields and make our days more colorful.

Sheila said...

I love the acorn mat , and I am a new follower . Thanks for the chance to win.

cindy said...

the acorn mat is perfect!!! please sign me up... i am a new follower...

my halloween quote is from the charlie brown halloween special when they are trick or treating and charlie says, "i got a rock" LOL
my email is

Marilyn said...

What a clever thing to do--to leave an autumn quote.
1. I am a new follower. (Great for me I am glad I found you!)
2 I would love to win this beautiful mat. I am a rug hooker and I did a braid around my Halloween Ghost last year. I like yours because it is a raw edge finish.
3. Here is my thought:

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. ~Stanley Horowitz

On Wednesdays on my blog I do a quote--I think I will use Autumn ones for the next few weeks. Thank you for your idea!

I love your mat and I hope I win, but if I don't can you give me the name of the pattern and if you got it on line or where I can find it. Thanks

Patti said...

Please enter me in your lovely giveaway! For a quote:
"The golden-rod is yellow;
The corn is turning brown;
The trees in apple orchards
With fruit are bending down."
~Helen Hunt Jackson
Your work is always immpecable!
Blessings, Patti

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Please enter me too. It's so gorgeous. I would be thrilled to display this in our home.
I just became a follower and I'm not sure how I wasn't one already. Beautiful blog.
Here's a quote I read on an old postcard.

By pumpkins fat and witches lean..

By coal black cats with eyes of green..

By all the magic ever seen..

I wish you luck this Hallowe'en.


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Good Morning Roberta!!
What an amazing giveaway.
I would love to be entered.
I am a follower. :)
I will post about your giveaway on my sidebar.
Thanks so much!

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Roberta ;-) Oh my my, this is a beauty and I've just the round table it would really make look great. Well, I've always like Edgar Allen Poe quotes and he is associated with Halloween so here's one I like.
“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”
-Edgar Allan Poe quote

~I'm a follower too:-)
~I will post your giveaway and share it with twitter and facebook.

Thank you thank you!

Rachel said...

Wowser! You did an amazing job!! I would love a chance to win ~please enter my name. I'm your newest follower (I found you thru Firecracker Kid :O)). Thanks so much & have a great day!

Marjorie said...

I found your blog from Firecracker Kid Primitives and am a new follower. That is an absolutely adorable mat. Please enter me in your giveaway.

MoeWest said...

What a beautiful mat! I'm a new follower and so glad that I found your blog.

MoeWest said...

How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days. ~John Burroughs

Bittersweet and Ivy said...

I love your mat. It is just perfect for fall!! I am a follower and will post on my blog! Thanks for the chance to win!


Ruffles and Relics said...

I'm a follower and would love to be entered in your wonderful giveaway!

Cassie said...

OMG! That is awesome. Please enter me in your drawing.

Buttercup said...

Count me in as a follower.

My favorite autumn quote..."How swift the summer goes, forget-me-not, pink, rose. The young grass when I started, And now the hay is carted. And now my song is ended. And all the summer spended... John Masefield, "The Everlasting Mercy"

xsgail said...

The mat is so pretty! I am a follower of your blog.

laurawilson25 said...

I'm a new follower. Thanks for the giveaway!

TheBeasKnees said...

Hi, new follower here! I am SO Happy to have found you through Primitive Kid!

TheBeasKnees said...

And I love this wonderful quote! It brings back sound wonderful memories of being a kid in the 60's!

A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween. ~Erma Bombeck

TheBeasKnees said...

And did I say I love your work! I will definitely be sharing your blog and giveaway on my blog! Happy Friday to you!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Hi, Roberta!
I am a follower.
I love acorns, too!
"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree."
Emily Bronte
"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."
Wm. Cullen Bryant
And the best of all--Autumn is my favorite season. It has everything I love. Our Granddaughter!
Warmest autumn blessings,

Janet said...

Gorgeous autumnal (is that a word?) mat.

Janet said...

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all."
- Stanley Horowitz

TheBeasKnees said...

Hello again! I just wanted to stop back in and let you know I have posted your wonderful giveaway on my blog!

The Old Cupboard Door said...

What a fabulous giveaway! I'm so glad I found your blog. I've enjoyed reading through yours posts. I have signed on as a follower and look forward to seeing you in my reading list. Please sign me up for your giveaway. I will post in my side bar. Thanks bunches!


Raggedy Creations said...

Wow Roberta your mat is awesome. Please enter me for a chance to win. I will post on my blog.


Christie said...

I am a new follower and I am enjoying your blog very much. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. I will also post about your giveaway on my blog. One of my favorite quotes is:

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion".
~~ by Henry David Thoreau

Thank you.

Linda said...

I'm a follower. I love the wool mat, especially the braided wool edging! My quote...
When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.
~Author Unknown

C. M. Designs said...

Oh,Roberta, how I would love to win this new candle mat.. You do beautiful work. I'm leaving my e-mail address just in case~~~~I hope, I hope, I hope I win.. Please enter my name in your drawing. Blessings, Charlotte

Allenz said...

I love the idea of braiding the wool for the binding. What a wonderful touch to a beautiful fall mat.
Please enter me in the drawing. I'd cherish the opportunity for a chane to win it.

trick or treat smell my feel, give me something good to eat.

SolDucky said...

So pretty! I am a follower.

soluckyducky at gmail dot com

Lee Hill Primitives said...

OMG!!! It is wonderful piece. I am a follower and my favorite thing of fall is love the colors in the nature and smells of pumpkin and spices in side the home.Please count me in.

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

I already signed up but wanted you to know I finally got it added to my page...sorry. I thought I had added it and it must not have worked. It's up now.


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Please add my name to this delightful giveaway.
1. I am a follower of your blog.
2. Here is my favorite fall quote - "The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly
changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools."
- Henry Beston, Northern Farm
3. I will post your giveaway on my blog! Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

The mat looks great, would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity,
Marjna from the Netherlands

soccermom1 said...

Beautiful giveaway!!

I'm a follower

rjs682 at yahoo dot com

ddogood said...

My lucky day! I just found your blog! Oh my, look what I have been missing. Your acorn mat is beautiful! Please enter me in your drawing.

"Best Witch", with or without the costume!


quilting1954 said...

HI...What a great penny mat ...I am a follower, enter me to win ...My e-mail is

Lou said...

Hi! there,such a lovely Autumn mat and thank you so much for the chance to win.
There is a little Autumn candy on my blog with a sign that i made(make).
hugs Lou.xx

Allison said...

I'm a new follower and can hardly wait to spend time reading through your blog!

"I love fall! Fall is exciting.
It's apples and cider.
It's an airborne spider.
It's pumpkins in bins.
It's burrs on dog's chins.
It's wind blowing leaves.
It's chilly red knees.
It's nuts on the ground.
It's a crisp dry sound.
It's green leaves turning
And the smell of them burning.
It's clouds in the sky.
It's fall. That's why...
I love fall."
- Author Unknown

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

This is beautiful, I would love to have this in my home!
I am a new follower.
I will post this on my sidebar.
I love finding new bloggers to get to know.
Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat....That was our saying, too....must have been a northern saying....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

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