Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Work Plus Maggie B. and Bethany Lowe Designs

Maggie B. Design
October is going to be a crazy month around Cottonwood Lane. We are getting ready to undertake a big remodeling project (let's get crazy before the holidays!) and I'm spending every spare minute trying to get stuff done for my one big show this year, so I'm afraid my blogging time will be limited. I'll still drop by for visits every chance I get because I really enjoy reading your stories and seeing your projects.
Maggie B. Design
I finished assembling this penny rug design while listening to the Chiefs-Colts game on the radio. Crafting seems to go better when the team is winning or at least look like they have a chance to win.
I bought some dried oak leaves at Michaels last week. I like their look but was very surprised and put off by their strong chemical smell when I opened the bag! I left the branches out on my deck a couple of days to air out, then added some leaves to the jar of naturals in my entryway.
Bethany Lowe Cat with Cart
The leaves also make their appearance in the dining room.

Bethany Lowe JOL
The silverplate came from my husband's grandparents. Do you remember the days when banks used to give you bonuses for opening checking or savings accounts? DH opened an account when he was in college and one of the bonuses was a silver plated set that he purchased at a deep discount. The set included a tray, bowl and stand and DH bought these for his grandparents. They were really touched and told him they'd give him the set back when he married and that's just what they did a few years later when we were married.We've never really used it for entertaining but it's nice that it's back in style for decorating.


annie said...

You always show such beautiful things. I'll miss you while you're remodeling, that's a very tiring thing to do. It seems like the projects grow while you're in the middle of them and you end up doing more than what you started. At least at our house they do! I really like the Maggie designs, love the little pumpkin things too. Your entry looks wonderful!

Raymond Homestead said...

LOVE the Maggie projects!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Roberta - so adore that first Maggie piece of yours...and I'm a Bethany Lowe junkie....Love your pieces....That's so neat that you have those pieces of silver ware that your DH got his grandparents....They obviously are lovingly cared for and look great with your decor.....Hope your week is off to a good start! Will miss your face in blogland, but wishing you the best of luck with the remodel project....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Raggedy Creations said...

Pretty fall pics Roberta, thanks for sharing. Good to hear from you again.
Your Maggie B. Design is really nice too. Please share finished pic.