Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inspirational Day

Another beautiful fall day here! 
Ann's Gorgeous Urn
We had our first ever potato drop at the church this morning. The Society of St. Andrews, an organization which mobilizes volunteers to glean leftover produce from fields, facilitates these drops at various locations across the country. Have you ever taken part in one?
A truck load of potatoes, about 42,000 pounds worth, was delivered to our parking lot first thing this morning. Sometimes these potatoes come loose and are dumped in a pile, but these were already bagged.  Several food pantries that serve individuals and families in need came to the church to pick up their share.
Other pantries couldn't make a pick up so volunteers loaded their vehicles and delivered to our partners around the city.
Some of the bags had a rotten potato or two and these were removed, the adjacent potatoes scrubbed and then rebagged.
There were probably 100 or so volunteers involved so it didn't take long at all! Afterwards I went to a fundraiser for Christmas in October, an organization that repairs and winterizes homes of the elderly and others who otherwise couldn't afford to do so. 
Love the Weathered Wood Look!

I was glad I had my camera and could capture Ann's beautiful landscaping! What a great morning!


annie said...

Lovely decorations!

Our town food bank has done a few produce bulk giveaways. The first was green peppers, huge bins of them. The last two years it has been sweet potatoes. The big rigs dumped mountains of them on a paved lot at the end of town.

Everyone that wanted them was allowed to come and get some. It seems like the more they gave away, the more they had to give. Food distribution is such a blessing to so many!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I've never heard of this program - but, wow - what an awesome one! Bless you for volunteering for such a worthy cause. And that landscaping is gorgeous!!! I love it! Thanks for remembering your camera! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Raggedy Creations said...

The potato drop sounded like fun
Roberta. I've never heard of one but sounds like its for a great cause. Oh and the autumn landscaping is beautiful.


Raymond Homestead said...

I have never heard of a potato drop. Sounds like a great project! Your fall decor is beautiful!

laurawilson25 said...

What a beautiful witness! Thanks for sharing!

Hilachas said...

What a busy lady you are and what a wonderful project you're involved in. I love potatoes! And, just want to tell you I arrived home from my trip to find the package filled with beautiful things I won in your recent giveaway. Thanks so much. I'm going to enjoy everything. I've blogged about your giveaway at: