Sunday, October 16, 2011

Platte City Antique Show

And a beautiful day it was! We have been blessed with wonderful fall weather. The Platte City Antique show is held in the high school and there is usually quite a line of people waiting to get first dibs on the goodies, so a warm fall day was appreciated! As you enter the school the main hallway is lined with vendors with more set up in the cafeteria and gymnasium. My eagle eyed friends quickly pointed out an army blanket which I snapped up. Seems to be getting harder to find those around here!
There are a variety of antiques and collectibles for sale. I guess this little dress caught my eye because I never had a little girl to costume for Halloween. I always sewed my boys' costumes and made clowns, dinosaurs, pirates and Power Rangers, but no dresses. That's probably why I turned to doll making!
Brenda Kilgore of Farmhouse Collection had a beautiful booth full of naturals, handcrafts and vintage goods. I couldn't pass up one of her dried sunflowers and a couple of her wax pumpkins and they were the perfect addition to my yelloware bowl. 
How many pumpkins do you have to have before your considered a "hoarder"? This little bench also came home with me and will hold a birdhouse or two in my new herb garden come spring.
Hope your weekend was filled with lovely times as well! Now, back to the craft room for me.


annie said...

I love your pictures!
I must confess, My hoarding begins the minute I lay my hands on "one" thing I absolutely love. Seems like that's all it takes!

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a fun day...and what wonderful treasures!! I love the dried sunflowers...lucky you!! And, yeah....I come from a LONG LINE of pumpkin's in my blood. ;o) Hoard on! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin