Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

We got about 13 inches of snow yesterday. Schools were out and many people stayed home. Before the roads were totally impassable, I went to the gym and then hit the grocery store. A few other people were there and apparently like everyone else I bought the staples. I wonder what other things people buy when they're worried about getting snowed in for a few days? I noticed one shopper buying cat litter--probably a good choice.

I was going to work from home, but I didn't have any deadlines (I work flexible hours so I'll make up the time later this week) and the craft room really beckoned. Everything outside seeming to be at a standstill and it felt right to slow down and spend the afternoon working with needle and thread instead of pecking away at the computer.

Silk Matka Backing

Last summer  I took a class from Stacy Nash at Primitives of the Midwest and this was the project we worked on. That was last June, so I guess it was time for me to get it done. My final task was to secure the edges with little x's, which wasn't as fun as sewing the design, but I managed to get it done last night. That's probably one of those tasks that it would be better to do all at once, because depending on my mood the size of the x's seems to vary.

Stacy Nash School Girl Roll
The roads look pretty clear this morning, so its back to work today!


Moonpie primitives said...

Wow...So much snow...I'm happy for you that you had a chance to stay warm and stitch....I can't think of anything better...I love your new finished cross stitch...
Happy stitching, Nancy

Kattywhompus Primitives said...

Hi Roberta,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and also for your kind comments about my writing. I'm so happy that you stumbled across Mercantile Gatherings...I am blessed to be writing for such a great magazine. :)
I very much enjoyed my visit to your blog...lovely handwork abounds! I'm a big fan of Stacy's work too. I'll be taking a class with her in the fall...and I'm SO excited!
So good to "meet" you...hope you'll stop by again.