Monday, November 18, 2013

Kansas Primitives

Prayers to all those affected by the storms in the midwest. You aren't surprised by snow storms at this time of year but certainly don't expect tornados. Hope you and yours are safe and escaped the worst.
 I do still plan to post photos of the little treasures I picked up in Illinois but am out of town for a few days and don't have access to those so I'll have to post them when I return. Friday evening I had the pleasure of taking part in Leslie's annual show. I wasn't able to take photos before the show started this year, but here are a few from the end of the busy preview evening.
Santa and Pillow by Joann
Bird by Joann

Rug by Deloris Bush
I'm a bit discouraged at this point about chances for reunification of my CASA family. Mom has lots of excuses for why she can't visit her oldest son who has been placed with Grandma and Grandpa and why she can't carry through with the services ordered by the court such as parent training. The last time I paid her a scheduled visit she had to be woken up, even though it was almost 11:30am and she spent the entire time checking her phone for texts. The court ordered placement to continue on as it is and hopefully she'll wake up, so to speak, and take things more seriously.


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Oh wow - what great "stuff"!! Sad about your CASA family, but kudos to you for being involved in the program. I've heard a lot about it, and it sounds like a great one.

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I miss your posts!