Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Work

I have to admit, I tend to be weekend warrior when it comes to crafting. Between evening meetings and going to the gym, I'm usually pretty pooped in the evening and don't always feel like pulling something out and stitching away. However, if I'm organized, I can usually set aside a big block of time on the weekend to work away in my craft room. This weekend was spent working on some things for a swap and finishing my first punch needle project.
Trick or Tweet-Brenda Gervais Design  
I found this to be truly addicting! The Valdani floss is fairly expensive, but the variations in color provide a sense of "movement" in the design. Plus, if you're punching a large area (not sure if that's the correct terminology) you can just thread the needle and use the thread directly off the ball. Just be careful the ball doesn't get caught up somewhere or you'll end up pulling out stitches. I don't know of a nearby Valdani source--I have to drive about 40 minutes to the closest store I believe, but I did find an online retailer called Snowflake Memories that is having a pretty good sale right now so check them out if you get a chance.

I also spent some time organizing my craft room. I try to put my wool back neatly after working on a project, but somehow it always ends up pretty jumbled and messy looking, so every few months I have to pull it all out and refold and stack it. Don't you feel better when everything is nice and tidy again? The goal is to get everything lined up just right to allow the doors to close. Success!


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hi Roberta! Love your needle punched bird - it's lovely...and I adore your wool cabinet and that cute cat rug. Some day I want to learn to needle punch and do rug hooking.

Mindy/Raymond Homestead said...

Wow, that's pretty good if that's your first needle punch project! Love the cabinet you have your wool in! My wools always get messed up after working on something!

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

I'm so jealous of your clean cupboard!! It looks lovely. Also you did great job on your needle punch. The colors are fantastic! I bought a pattern last year and it's still sitting in the bag. One of these days lol!

Have a great week!
All my best ~ Jenn :)

Barbie Jo said...

Love doing punchneedle and your bird turned out so pretty, lovely colors. A messy work shop is one that is being used I always say LOL!

Jacqueline said...

What a beautiful needlework project. It is just exquisite. I love where you store you fabrics and how wonderful to have them all folded away so neatly. When can you come and do mine? (ha ha)